The Maple Guys are the makers of the Acc-u-cup, both the standard 2" diameter model and now the new beginner 1 1/2" diameter model, which allows you to take a temperature and hydrometer reading at the same time. No more struggling to hold a thermometer in the top of your old cup while trying to get an accurate hydrometer reading. No more guesswork - control your sugar content. Great to have on hand for blending different grades of syrup. A must to have with you when buying and selling syrup. Available for purchase below is the ST model, which is made of 304 stainless steel, an industrial grade choice that is functional and economical. It is available with or without a thermometer - you could add your own or purchase one at a later date. Operational note: When testing heated syrup, it is imperative that readings be taken immediately after the cup is filled. Allowing the syrup to cool in the cup will result in inaccurate readings.

Please note that the syrup hydrometer is not included - they are available below separately.

Instructions for proper use of the Acc-u-cup:
HOT TEST:The best way to use the Acc-u-cup when taking a hydrometer reading of heated syrupis to first fill the cup with hot syrup off the evaporator/finisher/bottler to warm up the cup. Immediately dump the sample back and then fill up the cup again. Set hydrometer in cup and take a temperature reading. When temperature maximizes, take the hydrometer reading and refer to chart to determine correct density. It is best not to let syrup sit in the cup too long before taking a reading due to temperature changes throughout the cup caused by the cooling process.
COLD TEST (between 60 to 70 degrees): Pour syrup into the Acc-u-cup. Set hydrometer in cup - it will slowly sink and stabilize. Take temperature reading and hydrometer reading and refer to chart.

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