12" (Long) and 7" (Short) Sap and 9" Syrup Hydrometers. Please review the description of each type of hydrometer carefully prior to ordering. Sap hydrometers only measure a very low percentage of sugar (0-12%) in raw maple sap. As maple syrup is roughly 65% sugar, these hydrometers are of no use in the boiling process and will not help to determine when sap has turned to syrup. Syrup hydrometers are what is required for measuring the higher percentage of sugar found in maple syrup. We offer syrup hydrometers that have been inspected by the State of Vermont to ensure accuracy.

Sap hydrometers are useful in determining which trees have sweeter sap and for calculating how many gallons of sap it will take to make one gallon of syrup according to Jones's Rule of 86. Divide your sap sugar content into the number 86 to determine the gallons of sap needed to produce one gallon of syrup.

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